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Laura Thomas is a woven textile artist and designer who strives to push the expected boundaries of woven textiles. She is particularly well known for her ‘Resonate Sculpture’ collection where vivid cotton, silk and lurex threads are encapsulated in acrylic resin, to create freestanding sculptural objects or wall panels.


The creative rationale and inspiration for this body of work is two-fold. Firstly, as a woven textile artist and designer, Laura has always been deeply inspired by the unwoven warp threads on a loom. The aim of the ‘Loose Threads’ artworks is to capture the visual impact of the warp: its linear qualities and the optical mixing of pure colour in that moment in time before the warp is tensioned to begin weaving.


Woven Entrapment shows the visual impact of these pieces and the internal reflectiveness of the acrylic blocks.




Laura Thomas - Woven Entrapment

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