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Variations Of A Stitched Cube is a series of hand-embroidered cubes based on the composite number sixty and the systems in which we measure time. Each cube measures sixty millimetres in height, width and depth. The scale and proportion relating to ‘the hand’ and the process of making itself.


The cubes are presented in a sequence, recording time through multiples of hand-embroidered dots measured in increasing and enforced increments of one hour. Starting with the first cube at one hour of stitching and finishing on the sixtieth and final cube with sixty hours of stitching.


The cubes show time, an ever-present invisible force, through form as both logical and playful. Defined by their materials and created through the random process of embroidery and the action of the hand, generating variations with self-imposed restrictions to imply and manifest the passage of time.







Variations of a Stitched Cube - Richard McVetis

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