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Inspired by memories of playing with Grandma's button tin as a child, and her homely hand made patchwork quilts, Gemma draws on her own collection of fabrics and kitsch objects. She loves the radiant honesty of these materials; every swatch of colourful patterned fabric or even a single beautifully formed button holds a memory. With basic tools, needle and thread, she makes vintage textile art composed with scraps of memories hand sewn together with love and care. Each piece is an individual work of personal art.


The Button Tin is Gemma's art installation, come inside the bubble and escape reality for a day.


“Look how big my smile is, I haven’t had this much fun since I was 6” Karen


"I feel like I have fallen down the rabbit hole and ended up in grandmas house" Kate


“I feel as if I am a person again…A little bit of heaven in today’s hectic world. Bliss” Sandra Elliott


“This will be something I never forget and hope to pass onto my daughters and their daughters." Charlotte


“This place is truly magical.” Maria O Brian


“A wonderful World to escape to” Nicola Self


“It is a healing experience to sit with women and create beautiful things. Thank you for honouring the importance of traditional crafts” Sara





Gemma Nemer - the button tin

Button tin logo
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