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Hidden structures within anatomy have inspired Bola's collection. One focus is Cancellous or soft bone, found in and around joints such as vertebrae. It is rarely exposed, encased in a smooth outer layer of solid bone. Once pried open, it reveals dense interwoven bone fibres that create an ornate three-dimensional texture. Through a series of process led experiments in porcelain clay, she has developed a technique that has a similar textural aesthetic, which is then used in conjunction with sterling silver.


Strength and fragility are subtly questioned. Veins in the body are ordinarily quite delicate, Bola challenge's this frailty by trying to capture their inter-flowing nature in silver allowing for strong intricate pieces. Similarly, the strength of the porcelain components is queried. In places it is given a protective casing of silver to offer part concealment, this echoes the husk of hard bone that shields the delicate internal mesh. In other places this preciousness is visually mocked, with silver veins openly piercing and permeating the porcelain.







Strength & Fragility - Bola Lyon

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