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Made as part of the first ShropFilm48. Make a film in 48 hours and then share it with the other makers. What could go wrong? We worked with the delightful Emma Puente a long time friend and first time collaborator. From the moment we realised that none of us had any need for the prizes that were on offer, we were freed to indulge ourselves. OK we would have found a need for the beer. The weekend was surprisingly calm and peaceful, no all nighters & no big problems. We indulged in some simple pleasures, nursing fountain pens back to life, writing for fun, driving to an airport in Ireland (virtually) dressing up, road trips, lunch with friends, sunshine, fresh air, walking, talking, being creative, sharing ideas, getting inky fingers all simple and beautiful.


Our film making weekend became a platform for us to invest in ourselves and each other. The fact that we got a film out of it that we were all proud of is a bonus. In fact we got 2 films out of it. If you find this confusing then watching "Business Unfinished" might get you through it. The music was kindly donated by the very talented Duncan Knowles, it was so great a gift to listen to the music and know that it was just what the doctorordered, and then to have a remix ready for our remix! Some things are just meant to be.


So we did not win ShropFilm48 but in many ways we were winners already. Long live R&A&E! Bring on ShropFilm482 we will be entering and aiming not to win it again.




ShropFilm48 - Unfinished Business

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