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Zoë Hillyard uses the tradition of hand-stitched patchwork as a mending process, her work uses textiles to revive discarded and broken ceramics, creating a new tactile aesthetic for familiar forms.


The original surface decoration is replaced by printed textile design as individual fragments are covered with fabric and re-assembled and solely by stitch.  Once rebuilt, chips and holes stand testimony to the making process. Exterior surfaces present a subtle textile glaze, whilst interior spaces take on a seductive padded quality with the process of re-construction laid bare.


Leaving their original function and mass-produced anonymity behind, each piece becomes a unique decorative vessel with a flawed beauty that is the result of it's material histories to date.  


Pieces can simply be the result of an interesting combination of unconnected salvaged items. Equally they can be the re-working of imagery, textiles or ceramic possessions which have sentimental value. The making process requires a leap of faith, but results in a fresh new re-incarnation.  




Zoë Hillyard - Rags to Riches

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