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Claire Wellesley-Smith is a textile artist, educator and writer based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. She specialises in projects that use local, natural colour, created from home-grown and locally foraged plants. Dyes and stitches on reclaimed cloth are used in slow processes that allow time for consideration of methods of production and narratives of use. Claire uses archival research as the starting point for her work, looking at locations and community stories. Cloth, dye and stitch are then used as carriers of the natural and social history of place.


Social engagement is a key part of Claire’s practice. Her projects are often community-based and explore the ways that place, heritage and memory can connect people to their surrounding environment. Some of Claire's work will be part of the Homeground touring exhibition which will visit towns and cities whose football club origins are associated with a different craft industry.




Claire Wellesley-Smith - Provenance

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