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Kate Gilliland is a Birmingham based Jewellery Designer whose work we became aware of through Twitter. Having met her and seen her unique work we arranged to make a film about her and her work which has become the film 'Precious Treasure'.


"Adventure and intrigue capture Kate's imagination. The found and treasured dead animals she uses in her jewellery are a celebration of life as much as they are of death. They evoke questions and illuminate your curiosity, conjuring fantastical tales.


Old collections and cabinets were crammed with an eclectic mix of the weird and the wonderful, so by preserving a little piece of history for the future and using precious materials to protect, Kate attempts to stir the incongruous to life."


We decided to use the opportunity to work with Kate to experiment with morphing to highlight the transition between the found object and the finished pieces.


Therefore the film took 30 hours to complete spread over several days.


You can contact Kate at



Kate Gilliland -

Precious Treasure

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