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Hanna Nielsen works with jewellery and accessories in a broader sense, as objects related to the body. Jewellery and accessories are communicative objects worn on the body. Her work is conceptual and influenced by our contemporary society, architecture, human relations, politics and culture. In her work she plays around with ideas, thoughts and feelings to explore how things might have been if they were slightly different.


Communication between people, personal space, how we all experience reality in different ways, and that there is nothing such as a true version, are some of the things that inspires her work. Hanna would love to get in to someone else’s head and sense how they experience the world around them! In her practice she is working with a wide range of materials. Presentation/communication is an important part of her work and she likes to collaborate with other artists. She likes her work to be an experience for the viewer and the wearer.




Hanna Nielsen - Playful

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