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'Patterns of Change' is about Ben Calder who commissioned R&A to make a

film about his practice which includes Integral Patterning, Kinesiology and Bowen Technique which was made on Friday 30th March 2012.


"Since I was first introduced to Health Kinesiology (HK) in 1999 I have been increasingly passionate about its applications and potential as being a tool so amazingly capable of creating change and helping to restore balance into the body's BioEnergy System.


In 2010 I also added Bowen Technique (see Bowen Technique) to the list of qualification I hold and can also offer this soft tissue manipulation technique for any number of postural and movement based issues, with back pain, shoulder and hamstring issues being the very beginning of the physical issues that can be improved with this gentle non-invasive technique."


Special Thanks to Anna-Cajsa Johansson who featured in the film.  





The film took 14 hours to complete.

Ben Calder -

Patterns Of Change

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