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'Occurrence Of Birds' is a film about Matt Sewell an Illustrator with a passion for birds and was made on Thursday 3rd November 2011. He has produced illustrations of birds for  website 'Caught by

the River', has been commissioned to produce artworks for Crown Paints, has wooden bird charactors on sale at the V&A Shop and has had a book published called 'Our Garden Birds' which went on sale in April 2012.


This was the second film to be made as part of our 5 X 5 / 7 project which we did in November 2011. This project involved us making five films with five people over seven days. In this film we set out to discover illustrator Matt Sewell's interest and love of birds and why he draws them.


The soundtrack is created from a recording of Matt's vinyl collection of bird sounds and an interview.


This film was shown as part of Collaborate Exhibition in Shrewsbury during December 2011 and as part of Allotment 'Plot 9' at MAC Birmingham between April to September 2012.




The film took 14 hours to complete.

Matt Sewell -

Occurrence Of Birds

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