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'No Undo' is a Square format film about Christophe Dillinger a photographer and artist which was made on Tuesday 8th November 2011.


His photography is a mix of various experimental techniques that are far reaching, in terms of conceptual approach and aesthetic content. He uses traditional mark making principles such as drawing, printing and inking, and letting randomness play its part in the photographic process.


He practices WYSIWIGOTN photography, which stands for “What You See Is What I Got On The Negative”: none of his work is digitally enhanced.


This was the fifth and final film to be made as part of our 5 X 5 / 7 project in November 2011. This project involves us making five films with five people over seven days.


This film sees us explore the experimental photography of Christophe Dillinger. In particular we are looking at a series of images called Typewriter. The soundtrack is created from recordings of Christophe's cameras, typewriter and interviews.  


This film was exhibited as part of Collaborate Exhibition in Shrewsbury in December 2011 and as part of Allotment Plot 9 at Mac Birmingham from April to September 2012.




The film took 12 hours to complete.

Christophe Dillinger - No Undo

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