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Made for the Stroud International Textile Exhibitions Pairings II Video Open during March 2012. The theme was 'collaborating

and sharing'.


Interdependency is a film about a piece of cloth being woven. The twist comes in the role of the cloth. The cloth is the key to the film. The structure of the cloth contains all of the decisions and properties of the finished article. After many confused and tiring meetings we started to collide our practices and work out the relationships and similarities in structure and form. When we found compatible opportunities we paired them off and continued to search for more. Our plan took shape

and then all we needed to do was to make the cloth and interpret the meaning caught in its yarns.


The pattern of the cloth has become music in the form of midi notes. The settings of the camera were dictated by the thickness, saturation and brightness of the yarns used in the warp. The number of shots in the film are represented in the number of ends. The edits are marked in and out by the orange and turquoise yarns in the weft. The words are spoken by each of us when we are told to by the cloth and on the subject of its choosing. The pattern of the cloth is revealed when instructed by the key colours in the picks. The yarn, in the weft, colours each corresponding frame in the film. Each pick is a frame, each frame is a note.


The film is of a piece of cloth being made, the cloth is a key to make the film. We became interdependent as artists and relinquished control of our practices to the cloth we created together. Our brains have also had the workout of their lives.

Helen Foot -


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