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'I Am Fluid' is a film about stained glass artist Nathalie Hildergarde Liege and was made on Thursday 28th July 2011. She runs

her practice Couleurlive from a Studio in Shrewsbury and has worked on various commissions including church window designs.


This film was one of 40 films selected to be shown at the Crafts Council England's 'Power of Making' Exhibition at the V&A Museum which ran between September 2011 to January 2012.


Nathalie having seen "Manipulator" comissioned this piece. We had less than a week to find a date and submit before the deadline. We did not plan our day, but knew that we would explore the relationship between Nathalie and light.


The film looks at the beautiful glass work but also highlights the hazardous processes involved. The colour treatment

is made using photographs of Nathalie's wonderful glass taken ontop of her lightbox. We set out to continue to experiment and out of this our collaboration rules emerged.


This film was also shown at Collaborate Exhibition in Shrewsbury during December 2011 and as part of Allotment 'Plot 9' at MAC Birmingham between April and September 2012.




The film took 12 hours to complete.

Nathalie Hildegarde Liege -

I Am Fluid

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