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'Foot Fall' was made for the 'Mayhem in the Market' event 'Love Letters + Broken Hearts'. It was made on Friday the 17th February and shown at the event on Saturday 18th February. We are extremely grateful to the traders at the market for making us so welcome and 'Question Your Teaspoons' for giving us the opportunity.


"On 18th February MAYHEM IN THE MARKET returns to Goole – the second instalment in our ambitious and unique arts project, designed to reinvigorate Goole Victorian Market Hall.  The work was

also be inspired by St. Valentine’s Day, love and anti-love!"


We came home with some top quality fruit and veg and other goods! If you are ever in Goole then the market is a must visit. You will struggle to find a more interesting bunch of characters.





The film took 16 hours to complete.

Question your Teaspoons -

Foot Fall

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