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Films 2016- Click to view

Tree to Treen - Laurence Brand

Gemma Nemer - The Button Tin

LTM Designers

Dance of Glass - Catriona MacKenzie

Appropriate Level of Bumble Anna Collette Hunt

Craft Shelf Introduction

Sparks - Catriona MacKenzie

Magical Specimens - Anna Collette Hunt

Two Make

LTM Materials & Design Dialogue

LTM Design Process

Annemarie O'Sullivan - Wattle & Daub

Box of Delights - Amanda Cobbett

Reflections on LTM

Curious By Nature - Kate Kato

Luminous - Janie Knitted Textiles

The Contemporary Craft Festival

A Weaver's Sole - Louise Cottey

Boundless Potential - Ruth Packham

BA (Hons) in 3D Design & Craft -

University Centre Colchester

Between Materials and Mechanisms -

Elizabeth Murton

Made by Hand Cardiff

LTM Designers Thumb
Gemma Nemer
Laurence Brand
Catriona Mackenzie
Anna Collette Hunt bee thumb
Craft Shelf thumb
Cat MacKenzie Jewellery thumb
Anna Collette Hunt Thumb
Two Make thumb
LTM Materials & Design Dialogue
LTM Design Process
Wattle & Daub
Amanda Cobbett thumb
LTM Reflections thumb
Kate Kato thumb
Jaine Knitted Designs thumb
Contemporary Craft Festival thumb
Louise Cottey Thumb
Ruth Packham thumb
Colchester 3D Craft thumb
Elizabeth Murton thumb
Made by Hand Cardiff thumb
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