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Films 2015- Click to view

Louise Hall - Balance of Knowing

Fo Hamblin - Choreography of Making

Dionne Swift - Establishing a Rhythm

Paul Wearing - Order & Chaos

Ruth Gibson - Fixed by Fire

Elaine Bolt - Pursuit of Intrigue

Zoë Hillyard - Rags to Riches

Jane Bevan - Gathering

Phil Hardaker - Sculptural Archaeologist

Claire Wellesley-Smith - Provenance

John Hagger - Something To Be Admired

Helen Noakes - Emerging Characters

Theo Wright - Permutations

Anne Morgan - Ebb & Flow

bils & rye - Dealing in Temptation

Taz Pollard - Bite Me

Jenny Ayrton - Drawn In

Marna Lunt - One Stitch At A Time

Patricia Volk - The Perfect Line

Home Front Vintage - A Sense of Place

YUWW - Perfect Fit

Elizabeth de Ath - Life & Vitality

Trudy Montgomery - Ribbons of Colour

Alice Walton - Lustrous

Emma Lacey - Luxury of time

Helen Foot - Wiggles

Charlotte Grierson - Individual

Holly Berry- Energy

Ruth Singer - Narrative Threads

Ashraf Hanna - Form & Material

Icon Internship Programme

Lou Gardiner Contemporary Embroidery

Forever Cacao

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Fo Hamblin thumb
Louise Hall thumb
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Ruth Gibson thumb
Elaine Bolt thumb
Zoe Hillyard thumb
Jane Bevan thumb
Phil Hardaker thumb
Claire Wellesley-Smith thumb
John Hagger thumb
Helen Noakes thumb
Theo Wright thumb
Anne Morgan thumb
bils & rye thumb
Taz Pollard Thumb
Jenny Ayrton Thumb
Marna Lunt Thumb
Patricia Volk thumb
Home Front Vintage thumb
YUWW thumb
Liz de Ath thumb
Trudy Montgomery thumb
Alice Walton Thumb
Emma Lacey thumb
Helen Foot thumb
Charlotte Grierson thumb
Holly Berry thumb
Ruth Singer thumb
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