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Films 2014 - Click to view

Laura Thomas - Woven Entrapment

Keith Varney - Curved Folds

Amanda Simmons - Below the Surface

Silvia K - Harvest

Sarah Williams - From Start to Finish

Shrewsbury Museum - So Whats New?

Tina Reid - Joyous Union

Stewart Easton - Beauty in a Sad Song

Jennifer Collier - Paper & Stitch

Print Garage - Squeegee Warrior

Unit Twelve - Make Do And Mend

Fanny Shorter - Intricacy of Nature

Karen Dell'Armi - Spirit

Jane Blease - Warm Glow

Introducing Light Touch Matters

Hanna Nielsen - Playful

Texprint 2014

The Art House Hove - A Warm Welcome

Annemarie O'Sullivan - Bundles of Willow

Samantha Bryan - Desire to Fly

Crafts Council UK - Crafting Narrative

Helaina Sharpley - Twisted Elegance

Jin Eui Kim - Phenomenal


Lara Harwood - Return Home

Sasha Ward - If I Can

LTM Piezo Plastics in Production

LTM Making Organic LEDs

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