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We spent a lovely spring Sunday morning at Rebecca's cottage in Cambridgeshire and were immediately surrounded by hervast collections of objects. It was like an Aladdin's Cave of dolls, rocks, maps and lenses.


It was difficult to film in her small workspace but we enjoy a challenge. Its only when you look very closely at Rebecca's jewellery that you notice the fine details and distortions created by thecrystals and lenses. Their magical qualities interact with light to bring their fairytale character to life.


Rebecca in her own words from her website.

I have been working as a Jeweller for the past seven years using traditional Silversmithing techniques; Repoussé, Chasing and experimental manipulation of metal.


I also make sculptural pieces illustrating texture and form which reflect my inspiration in landscape, coastal and geological elements, archaeology and contours.


I have recently been re- inspired by Ladybird books, mythology, fairy tales and hidden meaning in traditional stories, and am working on a series of work which explores image and text.




Rebecca Ilett - Facets & Occlusions

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