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Alexandra Abraham is an artist jewellery maker based in North London.


She says about her work,


"I believe that almost every material or object can be beautiful; it is simply a matter of how they are perceived. I’m inspired by the origins of my materials and excited by the physical process of turning the lost and the forgotten into something exquisite, glamorous and even wearable. The sense of history and knowledge that people have handled and used my materials many years ago is extremely important to me, and I like to imagine that something of their spirit becomes invested

in my work."


This film looks at Alexandra's process and exploration of the Thames Foreshore where she finds the objects and inspiration for her jewellery. It was filmed on location at Alexandra's studio at the Chocolate Factory in North London and the Thames Foreshore at Rotherhide. To see more of Alexandra's jewellery and artwork please visit her website.


You can contact Alexandra at



Alexandra Abraham -

Exquisite Memories

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