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'Bread Is Beautiful' is a film made on Wednesday 2nd November 2011 about The Shrewsbury Bakehouse owned and run by Sheila Sager an artisan baker. She set up the Bakehouse to produce natural hand-baked breads, reviving artisan traditions of breadmaking. Her labour intensive process produces superior flavoured and textured breads and she specialises in Sourdough Breads.


It was the first film to be made as part of our 5 X 5 / 7 project in November 2011. This

project involved us making five films with five people over seven days. We set out to

capture the social and community aspect

of The Shrewsbury Bakehouse. The  soundtrack is created from the sounds of the bakery and interaction with the customers.


This film was shown at Collaborate Exhibition in Shrewsbury during December 2011.




The film took 12 hours to complete.

Bread Is Beautiful

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