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I am a practising artist who likes to make things. I love all things fabric and have been a screen printer for many years. My current passion is wool and in recent years I have become a felt maker. I live on the coast of Wales in the quirky village that is Borth. I am from a landlocked part of England so being by the sea is amazing.


I am inspired by so many things; I love colour and pattern; raindrops shining in the sun; bird footprints in the sand; cow parsley; hermit crabs; magpies; any wading bird; in fact all birds; tall marsh grasses waving in the wind; happy people who love their pets; seed heads; John and Fish; Norwegian berry pickers; generous creatives and Special cat, to name a few.


I love techniques that don’t require too much equipment, when I screen print it is mostly using hand cut paper stencils, I love to do ink drawing with a stick and so when I was eventually introduced to art of felt making I was awestruck ( and still am) by the simplicity of it.







Boundless Potential - Ruth Packham

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