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Each of our films is created in a similar way. We create all of our films using a Digital SLR photographic camera set to the burst setting. We never use video, all of our films are created from bursts of photographs that are stitched together to create moving images.


The results are a halfway house between video and stop motion animation. This creates an effect reminicent of early cinema, with flickers and slightly sped up movements. We are drawn to the collision between cutting edge techniques and the lost beauty of our historical endevours. The convienience of technological innovations against the detail and love in pure craftsmanship. This balancing act is at the core of our visual journey in each new endevour.


The sonic element to the films have to be created seperatly. This is accomplished by merging recorded interviews, found sounds in the environment and music. We make sure we have a solid understanding of our clients story before undertaking the production process and pick up insights during the capturing phase of the work. We try to unpick the story and delve for the juicy insights which have universal appeal to a wide audience.


Where ever possible we endevour to create the musical elements of the soundtrack from the real sounds of the subject matter, clicks, tinkles and whooshes are all there to be played with. Sometimes the sounds of a subject do not lend themselves to this treatment and in this instance we create new music from loops.


Our target for each film that we make, is to complete it and have it online as quickly as possible. The days of "No sleep until completion" are behind us now as so much of our work involves travelling long distances. Our first 15 or so films were completed in a single day, but no more. We do not sacrifice quality in the persuit of swiftness, they are both equally important to us. We have managed to find efficiencies in our process, both technical and intelectual, which enable us to deliver our unique style in a fast time. Ultimatly enabling us to offer our services at an extremly competitive rate whilst ensuring a one off, bespoke and quality product for our clients.


We provide the finished films in any format required by our clients, HD, DVD, web ready etc. We are always on hand to support in any way we can, to make the films we make, as useful as possible into the future.

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