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Our Services

We offer film making services made with all the love and care that you would expect of a craftsman. We do see our films as being crafted rather than produced. After all there is a big difference between craft and manufacture!


Our films are a fully immersive product. We spend a full day with you capturing everything we can of your product, passion and process. Once we have collected everything we could possibly need, we return to R&A HQ and distil the finest possible story we can, to sell you and your great work ready to embed into your website and distribute as widely as you like. Prices start at £800





As with so many things in life, things are not black and white. We love grey areas! We would invite you to get in touch and start talking to us. Solutions are much easier to come by when speaking. Prices go up and they come down, it all depends on what is required. If you want us to turn back time and make you look 16 again, then we can do that, the price is going to go up that's all. We're always interested in other ways of making films happen. I guess you would be right in saying we like a challenge, challenges are what make us smile. We look forward to speaking to you.