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R&A Collaborations is the combined talents of photographer Richard Foot and digital media artist Arron Fowler. It all started by happy accident in 2011, like all the best things do. With their new found love of all things crafty, they soon realised that there were some fascinating stories to tell from makers about what drives them to do what they do. Over the years they have only become more invested in the prosperity of the Crafts sector and the wonderful makers that they have the pleasure to call friends.


R&A's ethos is to promote makers by engaging public interest in the person behind the products. The films aim to capture the subjects personality and get across the reasons why they do what they do. R&A have realised that makers products really do speak for themselves, but they only say so much. By revealing the person behind the product a customer can get a deeper insight into the journey of their new object of desire.


If you would like a film to share you and your practice to the world, then do get in touch for more information and a quote.


In addition to making films R&A use their previous experiences to run workshops that aim to deepen skills, confidence and prosperity. No setting too small, no challenge too large. R&A love nothing more than finding the right solution to a riviting problem. During these recent strange times this has spilled over into delivering online workshops and facilitating remote film making. If you want to run an activity then send the challenges their way.

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