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Films 2015- Click to view

Louise Hall - Balance of Knowing

Fo Hamblin - Choreography of Making

Dionne Swift - Establishing a Rhythm

Paul Wearing - Order & Chaos

Ruth Gibson - Fixed by Fire

Elaine Bolt - Pursuit of Intrigue

Dionne Swift thumb Fo Hamblin thumb Louise Hall thumb Paul Wearing thumb Ruth Gibson thumb Elaine Bolt thumb Zoe Hillyard thumb

Zoë Hillyard - Rags to Riches

Jane Bevan thumb

Jane Bevan - Gathering

Phil Hardaker thumb

Phil Hardaker - Sculptural Archaeologist

Claire Wellesley-Smith thumb

Claire Wellesley-Smith - Provenance

John Hagger thumb

John Hagger - Something To Be Admired

Helen Noakes thumb

Helen Noakes - Emerging Characters

Theo Wright thumb

Theo Wright - Permutations

Anne Morgan thumb

Anne Morgan - Ebb & Flow

bils & rye thumb

bils & rye - Dealing in Temptation

Taz Pollard Thumb

Taz Pollard - Bite Me

Jenny Ayrton Thumb

Jenny Ayrton - Drawn In

Marna Lunt Thumb

Marna Lunt - One Stitch At A Time

Patricia Volk thumb

Patricia Volk - The Perfect Line

Home Front Vintage thumb

Home Front Vintage - A Sense of Place

YUWW thumb

YUWW - Perfect Fit

Liz de Ath thumb

Elizabeth de Ath - Life & Vitality

Trudy Montgomery thumb

Trudy Montgomery - Ribbons of Colour

Alice Walton Thumb

Alice Walton - Lustrous

Emma Lacey thumb

Emma Lacey - Luxury of time

Helen Foot thumb

Helen Foot - Wiggles

Charlotte Grierson thumb

Charlotte Grierson - Individual

Holly Berry thumb

Holly Berry- Energy

Ruth Singer thumb

Ruth Singer - Narrative Threads

Ashraf Hanna thumb

Ashraf Hanna - Form & Material

Icon thumb

Icon Internship Programme

Lou Gardiner thumb

Lou Gardiner Contemporary Embroidery

Forever Cacao thumb

Forever Cacao