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Craft Dinners

Join us and many other makers for dinner. Each month on a given date we invite you to host an informal gathering of fellow makers. Come together to eat, drink and talk shop. Free to take part, fuelled with joy and the knowledge that we do not come together with those we like nearly often enough. Let us be the excuse you have been waiting for, to get around the table with those that inspire and nurture you as a maker.


Each host is asked to gather a group of makers of their own choosing, as long as everyone is practicing in some form or another, everyone is welcome.


The food can be anything from Fish & Chips to gourmet masterpieces, whatever makes you happy as a host. If you can pull it off without neglecting your guests you are free to do whatever you like. The food should be good, but not at the expense of coming together and having fun. If all else fails feel free to meet at a restaurant or local pub.


Each dinner will have a topic menu, which will be generated by the hosts of all the dinners. Probably through the Facebook group and emails for the non Facebook massive. It is the only thing that unites the dinners. Other than that we invite you to support each other, laugh together, cry and rant, whatever you need.


If you want to share something with the world as it pops up feel free to use #craftdinners or share it to the Facebook group. We hope that there can be some cross pollination between tables, but not at the expense of being present in the room. Mobile phones get in the way of listening to what each other are saying, we found that out when we tested it! Feel free to share things after the events are over.


We hope that the next dinners will be as useful and wholesome as our beta test!



If you are interested in hosting your own Craft Dinner then please get in touch with us:


[email protected] or [email protected]



The next Craft Dinners are:


CraftDinners2 : 28 July 2016


CraftDinners3 : 25 August 2016


CraftDinners4 : 29 September 2016


CraftDinners5 :  27 October 2016


CraftDinners6 : 24 November 2016



We so look forward to dinning with you all.


Richard & Arron

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